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Cybercrime cost the world about $6 trillion annually in 2021, and 58%targets small business. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity gap between large enterprises with the resources to weather attacks and the SMEs who don’t is widening.

Protecting your business from cyberthreats shouldn’t require expert knowledge or deep pockets. That’s why all of our products and services are designed for SMEs, with no need for cyber expertise oran enterprise-level budget.

The CyberSmart Platform

The CyberSmart Platform guides your business through a journey to become cybersecure. It starts with assessing how you’re doing and leads you all the way through to achieving security your customers can trust.

But CyberSmart doesn’t just help your business take steps to become cyber secure, it keeps it that way long into the future.

CyberSmart monitors all your business’s devices 24/7. It checks for the most up-to-date applications, operating systems, firewalls, security measures and compliance with Cyber Essentials – protecting your business against 98.5% of cybersecurity threats.

All of this is available in the platform’s smart dashboard, which allows you to check the status of individual employees’ devices, resolve any security issues in-app and distribute security policies across the entire business.

CyberSmart can even improve understanding of cybersecurity within your business, with engaging training modules delivered straight to employee’s devices.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive device monitoring
  • Live security information on all company devices
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to fix security issues
  • Company policies housed in-app
  • Downloadable device, policy and software reports
  • Ability to bulk install platform across multiple devices

The CyberSmart App

With remote working fast becoming the norm, it’s never been more important that your staff can access company systems and data safely from any device. Unfortunately, certification only guarantees protection at the time of assessment. So how do you ensure your people are working safely all the time, even if they’re using personal devices?

The CyberSmart App does exactly that. Installable on any device, the app continually runs in the background, assessing security every 15 mins. If a device fails a security check, you’ll be notified via the CyberSmart Platform’s central dashboard with step-by-step guidance on how to fix the issue.

In addition to security monitoring, the app also allows you to distribute company security policies to any device. So your people will have access to the guidance they need wherever they are.

Key Features

  • Downloadable for any device (Windows,MacOS, Android and iOS)
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Company policies housed in-app

Cyber Essentials certification

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Cyber Essentials’ mentioned before, but what is it?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification scheme that covers the essential actions every business should take to ensure its digital security and protection from cyberattacks. Think of it as ‘cyber hygiene’ – a bit like washing your hands, brushing your teeth or wearing a face mask.

The scheme assesses five key criteria:

  • Is your internet connection secure?
  • Are the most secure settings switched on for every company device?
  • Do you have full control over who is accessing your data and services?
  • Do you have adequate protection against viruses and malware?
  • Are devices and software updated with the latest versions?

Getting Cyber Essentials certified is a requirement for many government tenders and can protect your business from 98.5% of cybersecurity threats. But the benefits don’t end there. It’s also a great indicator of your business’s commitment to security, marking you out as trustworthy and safe to potential partners and customers.

Key Features

  • Unlimited expert guidance to ensure you pass first time
  • Certification within 24 hours
  • £25k free cyber insurance with certification




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