Microsoft 365 Backups

Because you don’t want to risk ALL your data …. or do you?

Retentions are NOT backups

Facts of Life
  • SaaS application adoption has spiked with the increase in remote work due to the global health pandemic. These tools have become essential in today’s remote work world. Even before work-from-home became the norm for many, the benefits of easy access to documents from any device and improved collaboration are obvious.
  • Unfortunately, many organisations still believe that these tools make backup obsolete. This simply isn’t true. Backup is just as important for data in SaaS apps as it is for data hosted on-premises.

What are the key benefits?

Custom Retention

Scalable Solution

Per User License

Ease of restore

Cloud storage

no hardware needed

Why SaaS Backups?


Ease of Use

Security Compliance

Business Growth

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