Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a cost-effective alternative to Calling Plans for Microsoft 365

All-One Solution with Microsoft 365

complete the integration with Microsoft teams

As businesses shift to remote working, Microsoft Teams is flying off the shelves as the go to collaboration product. With Direct Routing, they can now unlock the full potential of Teams and benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by turning Teams into a fully cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solution.

Direct Routing is a cost-effective alternative to Calling Plans for Microsoft 365, allowing you to replace any existing phone system with Teams for all inbound and outbound calling to landlines and mobiles.

Why Direct Routing?

More cost effective with better call bundles

Higher availibility, carrier-class resilience and scalability

Consistently reliable call quality

Ease of provisioning and management

M365 Business Voice
Gamma Direct Routing with LUN
Contract Term
12 months
Inclusive Minutes Bundle
1,200 UK Geo, bespoke available
Unlimited mins UK Geo and Mobile mins (T&Cs apply)
International Calling
International bundle (+ £7.70)
Bolt-on +£7.50 (coming soon)
Or Consumption billing
Fraud Protection
Disaster Recovery
Enhanced Call Analytics / Reporting
Flexible Number Presentation
Limited to numbers on service only
CLI presentation on an overriding single number
STCM App FOC - access anywhere, anytime

Maximise existing M365 license cost and increase consumption

Enables collaborative and flexible/remote working

Gamma’s network carries over a billion business minutes every month

Scalable solution

Industry leading SLAs

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides business continuity and disaster recovery as standard

Carrier-class resilience and availability

Cheaper than Microsoft Calling Plans

Gamma is UK’s No.1 SIP Trunk provider

Full management support

Pure cloud solution, no expensive outlayon hardware

JANET connected

Key Benefits


We are an award-winning and leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). They offer a range of Unified Communications, Mobile and Connectivity services, providing robust and secure end-to-end business communication and collaboration solutions that enable businesses to easily collaborate internally whilst also providing a better customer experience.

Unlimited 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile calls.

Yes, the product is inherently flexible to adapt to the changing business environment.

Not all M365 licences need to be aligned to a MS Business Voice Licence, but Yes, every user who requires voice enablement will requires a MS Business Voice licence. As an example, a customer tenant may include 1000 users, but you could choose only to enable a subset of those users for PSTN voice, say 800.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing you to make and receive calls external to your business from Microsoft Teams.

Gamma has built a bespoke Direct Routing architecture to enable full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams.

Any company using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams as their unified communications tool can implement Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams from Gamma as their preferred provider for voice and benefit from cost savings, increased functionality and support for migration.

Yes, the available minutes are aggregated across all users.

You can make international calls and be charged per minute based on rate card. Alternatively, you can purchase the international calls bundle.

There is no limit to the number of users who will receive the first 30 day free, so long as these are all placed with the initial order.

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